Explore Milan and Lombardy on a luxury car

Ever dreamt of speeding on a car through the beauties of an Italian city? The sun shining in the sky, a warm breeze caressing your hair, and a luxury car roaring in your hands? Vipernolo Car Rental provides luxurycar rental services since 1996. This year marks its 21 anniversary. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on a flaming Ferrari, a roaring Lamborghini, a classy Bentley, a Porsche, a Maserati, a Mercedes, an Audi or a Land Rover, and get started. Explore Milan and Lombardy with a fabulous sports car, a business vehicle, or an elegant automobile.

Drive your dream car, focus on the pleasure of starting its engine, and leave all the worries aside as the car is rent and not yours. No drivers or chauffeurs of any sort: you will be the one.

The company operates since 1996, with a service open 24 hours and seven days a week. The luxury car rental business is growing bigger every year and Vipernolo undoubtedly provides one of the best services in town, working with five stars hotels, privates, and national and international companies. Its auto fleet renews every couple of months, ensuring the best and up to date choice possible. All the cars come with an Italian plate, so it’s pretty easy to drive around, get through ureaucracy, and feel like a local. What is more is that all the cars exhibited on the catalogue are immediately available. Thus, as soon as you start dreaming about it, your dream might come true in a couple of hours.

Vipernolo’s aim is to ensure you the best possible experience, all the necessary safety, and, of course, a strong passion in sports and luxury cars. Welcome to Vipernolo. Welcome on board. safety, and, of course, a strong passion in sports and luxury cars.

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